2019 - on
Fedor Lynen Fellow (Humboldt foundation) at Universit`a di Trento, Italy
Visiting Professor (Erasmus+) at Universit`a di Salerno, Italy
from 01.01.19
Akademischer Oberrat (A14) Universität zu Köln
Visiting Scientist (affiliated) at KITP, Santa Barbara, CA, USA
Program “Synthetic Quantum Matter”
Visiting Scientist at University of Washington, Seattle, WA, USA
Program “Frontiers in Quantum Simulation with Cold Atoms”
01.2013 - 12.2018
Junior Professor at Johannes Gutenberg University, Mainz, Germany
Kondensed Matter Group, Institut f¨ur Physik (positive evaluation 29.10.2015
09.2007 - 12.2012
PostDoc Researcher at MPI Quantenoptik (MPQ), Garching, Germany
Theory Group of Prof. J.I. Cirac
Visiting Scientist (affiliated) at KITP, Santa Barbara, CA, USA
Program “Beyond Standard Optical Lattices”
Research assistant at SNS, Pisa, Italy
Quantum Transport & Information Group of Prof. R. Fazio
04.2006 & 05.2007
Research stay at Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, USA
Group of Prof. E. Demler (work with A. Imambekov)
Ph.D. in Physics 70/70 cum laude (highest mark)
“Quantum Phase Transitions in Hubbard lattices” – Prof. R. Fazio
Scuola Normale Superiore (SNS), Pisa, Italy---studentship (2004-2007) in "Quantum Transport & Information" group at SNS, Pisa, with Prof. R. Fazio;
Master in Physics 110/110 cum laude (highest) – Prof. R. Fazio University of Pisa
Phase Transitions in Josephson Junctions Dice Arrays

1999-2003 :

Bachelor in Physics 110/110 cum laude (highest mark)
“Bose Einstein Condensation” – Prof. M.P. Tosi
Universit´a degli Studi di Pisa - Dipartimento di Fisica - Pisa, Italy -at  Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa