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13/Dec/2010 -- 17/Dec/2010 San Benet, Spain
Conference or Activity MPQ - ICFO workshop
11/Oct/2010 -- 15/Oct/2010 Santa Barbara, CA, USA
Conference or Activity Frontiers of Ultracold Atoms and Molecules
19/Oct/2010 Rice University, Houston, TX, USA
Conference or Activity Visit & Invited Talk: Emerging Bosons with Three-Body Interactions from Spin-1 Atoms in Optical Lattices
20/Sept/2010 -- 28/Oct/2010 Santa Barbara, CA, USA
Conference or Activity Beyond Standard Optical Lattices - Workshop
1/June/2010 -- 5/June/2010 Nizza, France
Conference or Activity Theory of Quantum Gases and Quantum Coherence
 My Contribution: contributions/Talk_BECHallDissipation_NICE100602_Rizzi.pdf
5/June/2010 -- 10/June/2010 Obergurgl, Austria
Conference or Activity Quantum Engineering of States and Devices: Theory and Experiments
 My Contribution: poster
11/June/2010 -- 18/June/2010 Dresden, Germany
Conference or Activity Quantum Information Concepts for Condensed Matter Problems QICCMP10
7/Apr/2010 -- 16/Apr/2010 ICFO, Castelldefels, Spain
Conference or Activity ICFO visit & talk on "Pfaffian generation via dissipation"
27/Jan/2010 -- 30/Jan/2010 MPQ Garching, Germany
Conference or Activity Workshop on Tensor Networks 2010
31/Jan/2010 -- 3/Feb/2010 Galtuer, Austria
Conference or Activity MPQ Theory Meeting
4/Jan/2010 ENS Paris, France
Conference or Activity AQUTE EU-IP Kickoff meeting
5/Jan/2010 Institut d'Optique, Palaiseau, France
Conference or Activity SCALA EU-IP Final Review Meeting